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Server Training for Businesses
Now that you have talked to your friends, checked your calendar, and gotten answers from us to all of your questions; 

LETS BOOK A DATE!   Whether you are looking for that intimate event at home, booking the corporate night out, or setting up a training program for all of your servers, this is the place.

Simply find the event below that best fits your needs and click on the “buy now” button. Remember all purchases are good for one year from the date purchased so you don’t have to have the date now. Once you have purchased your event, A Wine Know will be giving you a call to get some information from you. We will stay in touch on a regular basis up until and after your event in order to make sure that we have met your every need. Please remember attendees at all events (except server training) must be at least 21 years of age.

Still Have Questions?  

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Beginner/Intermediate                                                       Upgrade to Advanced
Event for 10 People $250                                                   Event for 10 People $500
$25 Per Person over 10                                                       $50 Per Person over 10

This event is great for the girl’s night out or the small after work or Saturday afternoon get-together. Have it at home or in your favorite restaurant, as long as they have a private room. 
Beginner/Intermediate                                                       Upgrade to Advanced
Event for 20 People $500                                                  Event for 25 People $1000
$20 Per Person over 25                                                      $40 Per Person over 25

Want to have the best office party EVER?! Gather up your whole group and schedule us to put on the show. We’ll sing, tap dance, and juggle chain saws….well, maybe not. But we will have some great wines and have a great time. 
Beginner/Intermediate                                                        Upgrade to Advanced
Event for 50 People $900                                                   Event for 50 People $1800
$18 Per Person over 50                                                       $36 Per Person over 50

Man…you have a lot of friends. If you have a larger group than 50, please call us. We will have to hire more help. BUT WE CAN DO IT!! So far our largest group was 178, but we are anxious to break the record and are willing to offer special pricing to do it.
If you would like to speak with one of our wineknows about professional server training for your staff, please give us a call or send us an email.  We will pair you with someone that knows the unique ins and outs of your specific business.  We charge $20 per attendee with a minimum attendance of 10 for an hour and half long class.  You will see a marked improvement the first night of service.
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